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Translators are available for families who need support coordination services. Our job is to help you find the services you need to support your child. We want you to feel confident that we hear you loud and clear.

At Kid Connect, we can arrange translators for face to face and telephone consultations.

Translator Services 

Did you know there are free translator services available that help families registered with the NDIS access services?  When you book in with us for consultations, we can book in a translator to help during the meeting and any follow ups appointments or phone calls.

You can request a translator be available by phone consult for your initial or follow up appointments! All you need to do is tell us your preferred language.

Having a translator means you can be confident in getting your point across to us. Translators act are a great support when you need to clarify information and ask questions from us.

How will I know if this service will be organized for me? 

By request! Give us a call or send us a request through our website by clicking here; CONTACT US. Let us know if you would prefer a translator to be available for your support coordination or plan management service meetings. Our consultants will book one on your behalf and schedule them to be available for your next consultation time. It is so important to us that we start off on the right foot! Communication is an essential part of building a working relationship with our clients. We want to ensure you have access to the services you need to achieve every one of your NDIS plan goals.

You are also welcome to have a support or another family member contact us on your behalf to arrange a translator service for you you.

How do I register my interest? 

If this sounds like something for you, and you would like more information please do not hesitate to call Miika on 0421 012 956. We want to make sure all of our clients have the help and support they need.

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