Training to self-manage your child’s funds

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Did you know that the NDIS funds training in managing your child’s funding? Training allows parents and carers to understand their NDIS plan and how to manage the funds to get the best services for your child. Comprehensive training with a plan manager is available to build your skills in all aspects of plan administration and management, including engaging providers, developing service agreements, maintaining records, claiming payments from the NDIA, and paying providers.

This is a little-known support that the NDIS will fund and often it finds its way onto plans without people realising what it is for. Typically parents and carers are funded for anywhere between 4-6 hours.  If you have funding for plan management training included in your child’s NDIS plan, reach out to us as we can help you with this. Or, if you would be interested in receiving this training, ask about it in your next plan review.

We will book an initial one-hour appointment to discuss what goals you have for learning about plan management, determine what computer and financial skills you have, and where the gaps are in your understanding so we can spend the time where you need it most. It’s important to us that we get to know your situation and apply our knowledge in the best way to help you reach your goals.

Our goal will then be to give you sound knowledge on:

  1. Engaging providers that are appropriate for your goals and needs within a suitable location
  2. Developing service agreements with providers
  3. Maintaining records of all spendings
  4. Claiming payments from the NDIA through your portal
  5. Paying providers efficiently and effectively to streamline the process

That way, if you decide to be self-managed, you’ll have the best start to learning how to navigate your way.

We offer private training sessions either face-to-face at our Victoria St Office in Midland or via Zoom call- whichever is most convenient for you.

Reach out to us on 0421 012 956 to get your training session booked today.

To find out more about our plan management services, please have a look at our website:

You can also read up more about plan management on the NDIS website: