Three key NDIS roles to know about

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As you get onboard the NDIS train, you’ll come into contact with people playing different NDIS roles. Let’s have a look at the more frequent roles you may come into contact with:

Local Area Coordinator or LAC

Did you know that LAC’s are in local organizations working in partnership with the NDIA that help families specifically to access the NDIS?

These are the ways they play a part in the NDIS:

  • assist those with less complex needs to connect to their community
  • help put NDIS plan into action
  • provide short-term assistance to people with disability who are not eligible for NDIS
  • with within communities to develop activities that allow inclusion and benefit to people with disability

NDIA Planner

Planners are directly employed by the NDIA and work for the NDIA by making planning decisions.  Makes sense? They work with participants approved for NDIS supports to determine current and future supports that will help them reach their goals and enable positive outcomes.

Planners are responsible for:

  • completing a participant’s first NDIS plan, which contains participant-specific goals and the review of subsequent plans

Support Coordinators (This is where we come in and help!)

Support Coordinators work within a company that has registered with the NDIA as an NDIS serice provider. Support Coordinators do a lot and provide individualized assistance for every participant, including:

  • initial assistance to link participants with providers (such as speech therapists, psychologists, Physiotherapists, and so on)
  • Coordination of funded (yep, that’s your therapies 😊), mainstream (services that everyone uses whether they are an NDIS participant or not), and community supports!
  • Building on informal supports and resolving points of crisis (problem-solving)
  • Encourage training and developing participant’s resilience in their network community (helping participants learn about NDIS and using their NDIS plans).
  • Develop participant capacity for social and economic participation (helping you reach your goals and live independently).

It is common to first discuss with a LAC who will help you determine if you are eligible to access NDIS. A Planner will then help you develop a plan that outlines goals and what supports or therapies you can access to reach these goals. Often, if you need assistance with accessing supports and navigating your NDIS plan, you may be given funding to have a Support Coordinator assist you during the length of your NDIS plan.

If you have Support Coordination included in your NDIS plan, we would love to help. Or, maybe you haven’t been approved for Support Coordination but would like to book in sessions as a self-funded client. Reach out to us; we’re ready to help you now!

Feel free to give us a call on 0421 012 956, or send us an email to We’re here to help you!

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