Telehealth, what is it?

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When it comes to receiving therapies like those included in your NDIS plan such as physiotherapy, speech pathology, or psychology, many of us prefer face to face consultation. But, have you considered the benefits of plan management and support coordination via Telehealth?  Telehealth is a way to get you started straight away that doesn’t involve leaving your home! 

What is Telehealth? 

Telehealth is an online platform that allows video conferencing with your consultant to get those needed supports approved in your NDIS plan, up and running! Through the internet, we can schedule a meeting with you using a videoconferencing app. We organize the meeting at our end and send you a link to the meeting. More personal than a telephone call, videoconferencing means that you can see and hear us (and us you). All you need is a device that is connected to the internet and we can show you the rest.

The advantages of Telehealth

Some advantages include flexible scheduling and more convenient access for individuals with physical, medical, or mobility concerns. Telehealth also means no travel time and travel inconvenience such as parking. Through Telehealth, you can connect with your consultant and discuss your child’s needs. Your consultant can then use your preferences to assist you in meeting your NDIS budget and find the providers you need to support your child. All from the comfort of your own home, your favorite cafe, or from wherever you need to be.  We can help you without disrupting your schedule. 


Why worry about getting to the place where help is, why not let help come to you!  The NDIS funds Support Coordination and Plan Management services. Why not access the assistance from day one at a time and place that suits your schedule. 

How do I get started? 

Give Miika a call on 0421 012 956, so we can help you to feel organized and at ease for your first Telehealth consultation with your Kid Connect consultant! And of course, you are still welcome to come and meet with us face to face in the office too!