Plan Management and your first meeting

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Plan management is an option you may choose to manage your NDIS plan dollars. It gives you choice and control over who is providing you financial assistance and allows you to access more providers for your support. Kid Connect can provide plan management services. Let us support you with the time-consuming administration, such as bookkeeping, audits, and budgeting your funds. 

Some of the benefits of plan management

The financing for plan management is on top of the budget given for supports and therapy.  NDIS provides additional funds for plan management to allow you to:

  • Choose how you use your NDIS funds; more flexibility!
  • Choose the providers you want:  NDIS registered or unregistered providers
  • Get help to keep track of your NDIS funding and budgets
  • Have someone else manage and pay your invoices
  • Less administration and paperwork and no audits
  • Chose to have help to manage all or part of your finances for your NDIS Plan

At the first plan management meeting

To help us help you, you will need to bring the following to your first meeting:

  • A list of all current therapy/support providers and their contact details
  • Any outstanding invoices 
  • Your child’s NDIS plan and or NDIS number

The NDIA approves plan management client’s a once-off setup fee to fund the setup costs, which include contacting all of your service providers to inform them of how we will pay your invoices. Then, each month the NDIA provides a flat rate for maintenance of your invoicing, paid directly to your plan management service provider.

Often we have clients come several months after NDIS plan approval. It’s essential to come prepared for your meeting.  This way, we’ll be able to catch you up as soon as possible. Our goal is to get your service providers paid within 3-5 business days after receiving unpaid invoices. 

Want to know more?

As always we are here to help. Find out how we can help you with plan management by calling  Miika on 0421 012 956.

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