How to spend your support coordination budget

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So you’ve received your NDIS plan with an amount allocated for support coordination. Still, you want to know how many hours of help from a support coordinator that funding gives you, but it’s not clearly written in your plan?

The good news is there is a lot of confusion around this, so you aren’t alone! There is no one size fits all when it comes to allocated hours and funding.  All are subject to the planner’s assessment. And often, the NDIS plan only has one figure written, a money value or hours approved. You can reach out to NDIA to clarify what has been approved in your plan and we can use the guide below. 

There are three support coordination categories: low, medium, and high. Regardless of what is written in your NDIS plan, your child will be offered support based on these categories: 

  • Low:            1 to 2 hours a month/ approx. (24 hours a year)
  • Medium:      3 to 6 hours a month/ approx. (36-72 hours a year)
  • High:           7 – 9 hours a month

Once we’ve worked out the level that your child has been funded, we can start to determine the range of supports you can access. Support coordination can include check-ins with yourself, tracking down service providers, arranging appointments, and following up services.

Remember, support coordination is on top of your funding. It’s like extra support to make researching more manageable and to make informed decisions. This funding is there to help your child reach their NDIS goals. 

When you sit down with us, we will make out with you how you can best use the support coordination hours you have and develop a plan. Plans can change as your child’s circumstances do.

As with all services, it’s about a flexible approach that meets your needs. Please feel free to call Miika on 0421 012 956 to get started now.

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