Home or centre based services?

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It’s great when you finally get started with your service providers but it can also be overwhelming.  Suddenly, you can find yourself bogged down with lots of appointments and lots of places to be.

At Kid Connect, we have the answer!

Therapy appointments need to be attended but these don’t always have to be outside the home. You might like to consider choosing a mobile service if your child needs multiple therapies and sessions to get to each week. Mobile services give you the option of having your therapy team come to you (as well as you traveling to them). Many services are also happy to provide therapy at school during school hours.

Good examples of mobile services include:

  • Physiotherapy; 
  • Speech Therapy;
  • Occupational Therapy (OT); and
  • Functional assessments which have been requested by the NDIS.

It’s a brilliant idea to have some of your child’s required assessments, such an OT functional assessment, completed at home. Mobile assessment services also help the therapist when they do a comprehensive evaluation, reflecting the needs of your child at home. 

You don’t have to choose one style of delivery (e.g. all home or centre-based), you can mix things up and have a combination. Some of your child’s services can be home-based, others in the therapist’s centre or office. Some services can also be provided now through telehealth! 

We can all do with more hours in the day.  Home-based services are one way of juggling the demands of therapy and family life.

Let us help you work out what services you need and the best delivery models. Miika will find the services you need at the place that works best for you and your child. Please call Kid Connect on 0421 012 956 for more information about our services.

And don’t forget! We offer plan management services too!

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