Finding Support Workers

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Parenting any child can be challenging, but when your child has special and unique needs, sometimes it can be that little bit more challenging. This is why support workers can make such a big difference to families.

What do Support Workers do?

Support workers are able to help in a number of different ways. You might need someone to work on your child’s NDIS plan goals at home, someone to take your child to therapy appointments or someone to help your child access the community. A support worker can do all these things and more.

There are many benefits to having a support worker helping your family. Having an extra pair of helping hands can help reduce parental stress.  It can create some much-needed parent self-care time or time with a sibling (or even a trip to the shops without the whole family having to come!).

Most families will already have an idea of how a support worker can fit in and help on a day to day or week to week basis. Normally, the challenge is to find the “right” support worker for your family.

Some things to know about Support Workers

Support workers typically either work for an agency that specialises in support workers or they are independent (self-employed). Some like to work on a set roster each week & others are happy to work more flexible hours (e.g. a shift here or there).

Support workers may also have preferences about the age of the clients they work with.

Support workers also come with a wide variety of skills, experience and qualifications.

How we can help you find your Support Worker?

We have been helping a number of our families access support workers and have been overwhelmed with their positive feedback. It starts with a conversation about your needs and preferences and then we start looking for you. We use our professional networks to find someone that will be a good fit for you and your child.

If you have a Core Support budget in your NDIS plan you can use your funding for support workers. Not sure about whether you have enough funding? You can ask us to help you make sense of your NDIS plan.

Please reach out to us on 0421 012 959 to talk about your support worker needs. We’re here to help make life a little easier and we love it when we can help our clients!